A recap of all the awesomeness that has come to Simplify over the last year and a preview of the big new hotness coming to v3 soon (and how you can try…

September 2021

A look behind the curtain at what goes into keeping Simplify working across billions of unique Gmail setups. Warning: this post may make your head hurt.

June 2021

The paid plan is live! This is the culmination of over two years (and thousands of hours) of work, bringing countless modifications and new features to…

February 2021

Quick note to everyone. I launched Simplify v2.3.3 today and you may have to accept new permissions to get the update. There are three new permissions I…
Thanks for all the feedback – here are the upcoming changes to make Simplify even better and pricing more fair, easy to understand, and flexible.
Simplify brings peace and enhanced productivity to the inbox with message grouping, new keyboard shortcuts, an inbox zero reward, and more.

January 2021

Simplify cannot continue to exist for free. It’s not sustainable. Building high quality modifications on top of software by other companies requires a…
What's an email tracker, why you should care about blocking them, and most importantly, how to block them in Gmail with Simplify Gmail v2.
Reading email in Gmail is not great. From line lengths that span the entire screen to distracting bling all around the message to no full dark mode…

August 2020

How Simplify v2 wrangles everything around your content.
Once upon a time, Google had a simple compose mole (the mini-window for writing an email). Over the years, more and more things have been glued on…
There are so many improvements in Simplify v2, I’m seriously struggling with where to start. I also want to get into the details and explain the changes…