Subscription launching for Simplify Gmail!

I hope you will join me on the next leg of our journey together.

The Simplify Gmail subscription is live!

You can sign up now and setup all your accounts to have continued access OR you can wait until Simplify updates and starts nagging you to sign up.

You will have two weeks to sign up: When Simplify does update, you will get a fresh 14 day trial before Simplify will stop working without a subscription. I’ve kept the nagging to a minimum.

Pricing is per-person, not per-account: Some people have multiple devices and/or multiple email accounts, so I’m allowing unlimited devices and up to 10 email accounts for each person on a subscription. But this only works at the current price point if it is not abused.

Your support means so much to me: This is the culmination of over two years (and thousands of hours) of work bringing countless modifications and new features to Gmail. I’m both excited and nervous. There is so much more I want to do. Will enough people sign up that I can afford to do more than maintain what I’ve built? We will soon know.

Whatever happens, to every person that signs up, it means so much to have your support as a paying customer. And I will work hard to keep you as a customer. To those that do not sign up, I hope Simplify brought some peace to your inbox and that our paths cross again.

How did we get here? Why is Simplify no longer free?

If you are new to the newsletter or this is the first time you’re hearing about the subscription, here are some posts that provide more context:

Feel free to reach out with questions or comments. You can drop a comment on any post, Tweet at me, or email me at

What is next?

I still plan to launch Simplify for other products (likely starting with Chrome — more on that in a future post). But there’s also a lot more I want to do with Gmail.

Below is my current wish list. You can vote on what gets built first. How much of this and how soon it happens will largely depend on what percentage of my time I can justify spending on Simplify (which will depend on how many people sign up for a subscription).

Core features from Google Inbox

Inbox / message lists

  • Sweep actions on inbox groups & date groupings

  • Hide, pause, or filter Inbox (starred only, unread only, etc) for deep focus

  • Profile pics in list view (this is hard but I have ideas)

  • Shift+up/down to select multiple messages

  • Option to hide message actions like you can hide compose actions

Message view

  • Instant open - see list of attachments and links for the current thread

  • Allow playing attached videos in Gmail

  • Improve message/compose side-by-side view so there is no overlap

  • Shortcut to jump to next/previous *unread* message

  • Copy email / thread to clipboard

  • Reading view (hide all chrome + better typography for long newsletter emails)

Compose / Reply

  • Emoji autocomplete

  • Introduction reply - shortcut to reply, move sender to BCC, and move the new contact to be the primary recipient

  • Option to have [Tab] indent / unindent instead of moving focus between fields

  • Template autocomplete - insert email templates/snippets into body by typing "/keyword" in body of email

Navigation / search / keyboard shortcuts

  • Command-line menu (similar to Quicksilver, Alfred, or Superhuman's ⌘K menu). Use it to perform any action or go anywhere without touching your mouse.

  • Ability to customize Simplify's keyboard shortcuts

  • Saved searches (either as tabs or as items in the nav)

  • Shortcut to search for mail in a label or any nested child labels


  • Revisit inbox transparency with themes and the inbox

  • Option to switch to dark theme automatically with OS (if OS set to switch)

  • Allow more customization around Inbox Zero and the background

Gmail Settings

  • Make it easier to manage Gmail filters: ability to sort/group/filter filters in Gmail Settings (I don't think I can actually reorder them without full API access)


  • Add-ons: Option to completely hide add-ons

  • Keyboard shortcut to open specific add-ons


  • Simplify chat, rooms, etc (would require new permissions to those domains as they are all iframed UI from other domains)


  • Dual-sided referral rewards (you and whoever you invite get a credit)

  • Revamp Simplify options

  • Onboarding

  • Default sets of options (one switch to go super-minimal)

  • Translate Simplify menu, settings, and webstore copy into other languages

Simplify has come along way in the last two years. I hope you will join me on the next leg of our journey together.

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