Simplify Gmail is now a paid product

I hope you will join me on the next phase of our journey together.

Sign up for a Simplify Plan and set up all your Gmail accounts to have continued access.

This is the culmination of over two years (and thousands of hours) of work, bringing countless modifications and new features to Gmail. The paid plan will ensure continued support, maintenance, and development.

Everyone gets a fresh two-week free trial: When Simplify updates, you will have 14 days to sign up before Simplify will stop working without a plan.

Pricing is per-person, not per-account: Some people have multiple devices and/or multiple email accounts, so I’m allowing unlimited devices and up to 10 email accounts for each person on a plan.

Your support means so much to me: For those that sign up, thank you! I will work hard to keep you as a happy customer. For those that do not sign up, I hope Simplify brought some peace to your inbox and that our paths cross again.

How did we get here? Why is Simplify no longer free?

If you are new to the newsletter or this is the first time you’re hearing about the paid plan, here are some posts that provide more context:

In short, moving to a paid model guarantees that Simplify...

  • will be updated promptly to ensure it continues to work regardless of how Gmail changes (which happens regularly). 

  • will include responsive support to any issues subscribers run into. I currently respond to almost all support requests within 24 hours, and usually within 2 hours.

  • will continue to evolve and improve. I plan to launch Simplify for other products (likely starting with Chrome — more on that in a future post). But there’s also a lot more I want to do with Gmail. You can see a list of ideas and vote on what gets built next.

Feel free to reach out with questions or comments. You can drop a comment on any post, Tweet at me, or email me at

What am I getting for my money?

Simplify is a browser extension for Gmail on desktop that boosts productivity, strengthens privacy, and reduces️ stress by:

  • Making hundreds of improvements (small and large) to streamline, simplify, and enhance Gmail’s design and functionality. No part of Gmail is left untouched. Messages are easier to scan, read, and compose.

  • Blocking over 250 email spy trackers (more than any other tracker blocker, including other Chrome extensions and even which only blocks 49 spy trackers).

  • Adding intuitive keyboard shortcuts. Navigate faster with your arrow keys, enter, and escape, and use familiar shortcuts like Ctrl-A to select all or Ctrl-Z to undo.

  • Adding a full dark mode with options around compose and making no, some, or all messages dark.

  • Providing over 40 options with great defaults so you can fine tune Simplify just the way you like. Options include changing the font size or family, hiding unread counts, making the interface even more minimal, and more.

  • Well-built, well-supported: In addition to prompt updates and responsive support, Simplify is built with your privacy and security in mind, requiring the minimum permissions to do all of the above. This is in contrast to any third-party email app and most other Gmail extensions which require you to give full access to your email.

Simplify has come along way in the last two years. I hope you will join me on the next phase of our journey together.